We will take Trucks, Cars, Boats & Trailers, Motorcycles, ATV's & Real Estate that you no longer want.

We will do minor repairs on the items you donate and resell them to help our “Fishing With Warriors” 501(3) (c) cause.

We will then issue an “In-Kind Letter”, acknowledging your donation in the amount that we received when selling the vehicle or it’s Blue Book Value whichever is greater.

Donate Your Vehicle For Veterans Charity

The only requirements to qualify for a Donation Credit, is that the vehicle has to have a clear title. We will come pick it up at our expense.

Once we are in possession of your vehicle and title an IRS tax deductible donation receipt will be provided to you.

If you are the last in your line and would like to name Fishing With Warriors, Inc. as your beneficiary we would be happy accept your assets in the name of charity.

Any money that we receive with the sales of these donated vehicles or other gifts will go directly to funding our sponsored Veteran’s fishing trips. Each trip that we organize, consists of 4-8 Veterans, 1 Veteran Clinical Phycologist, and 1 Veteran Yoga instructor.

These Game fishing trips to exotic locations morph into Group Therapy Sessions. After a day of fishing for 90-150LB Game Fish, everyone is in the mood to relax and the informal group therapy session kind of just happens. These informal therapy sessions are actually structured but in a very relaxed venue. When you get a bunch of combat Vets together they invariably will talk about stuff they could never talk to anyone else about. If you look at our testimonial’s page you will see the good that comes from these sessions and trips. They actually open the individuals to seek full on phycological help.

We are a completely 100% volunteer organization and all of our board members, family and friends work with no hope of any compensation. All of the board members are either Veterans or are relatives of Veterans.

Please give what you can to help us accomplish our mission.

Our 501c3 nonprofit benefits by receiving the proceeds of the donation, and you receive the great tax deduction!

Fishing With Warriors, Inc.
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