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With your help we can send a Veteran of your choice or one of our deserving veterans on a fishing trip of his/her life. Either contribute a significant amount or raise contributions from your organization, family or group. Meet us half way and help us with our 50/50 goal. Once 50% or more is reached we will schedule his/her trip with our next available slot. We have scheduled 8 trips this year. Each trip is comprised of 4 Veterans. The number of trips is dependent on the amount of contributions we get.

Each trip that we plan costs between $3,600 - $5,300 per Veteran. A fishing trip to Costa Rica to fish for King Tarpon would cost about $5,300 a trip. A fishing trip to Venice LA. On the Gulf of Mexico to fish for Snook, Red Fish or any of the many game fish in the Gulf would cost about $3,600.

Fill out the form below to Sponsor your Vet along with a donation to start the sponsorship. All that has to be done after the original donation, is to have any other donation noted with your sponsored vet’s name. When 50% or more of the Goal has been reached, we will notify you and the veteran of the trip’s schedule.

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