Ambassador Sponsorship

Dear Friend,

           I write today to ask for your endorsement of a new program developed by a group of volunteer veterans to help fellow warriors transition back to their post-military service lives.

           Fishing with Warriors is a registered not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to delivering unique, life-changing outdoor adventures for veterans. Our mission is to help create a lifetime of memories for those who have given so much, exploring the joy of nature and fishing as an all-natural way to ease the stresses of a transition back to ‘normal life’.

           The organization coordinates world-class fishing trips for groups of veterans who want to relax, connect and love the outdoors. Fishing with Warriors handles all costs of these veterans’ trips – transportation, lodging, meals and any entry fees – and 100% of donations to the organization are dedicated entirely to covering these costs.

           As we pursue our mission I would like to ask for your support. As an organization renowned for your support of the ‘healthy outdoors’ and the beauty of our nation, we hoped that you might see our organization as one worthy of your backing. I wonder if we might schedule some time to meet or speak with a representative of your organization to discuss how this might come together.

           This is a small way to say ‘thank you’ to men and women who have given so much in service of our nation. I hope you will be able to join us in this effort, on behalf of exceptional American heroes.


Alfred Lizotte

Silver King Lodge, Costa Rica

veterans charity fishing trip -costa rica September 7-12, 2025
Four days of fishing at the world's finest tarpon and snook fish lodge, Silver King Lodge

This trip is designed for four veterans and includes:
Commercial and private flights, captain, boat, fuel, fishing gear, lodging, meals per day, transportation to/from airport

Ambassadors Cost $5,300

....Please donate a trip to a veteran

Venice, Louisiana

veterans charity fishing trip -louisiana October 14-18, 2025
Four days of fishing with Rivers End Outfitters

This trip is designed for five veterans and includes:
Captain, boat, fuel, fishing gear, lodging, three meals per day, flight and ground transportation to/from airport

Veterans Cost: $3.450.00

....Please donate a trip to a veteran

Select the form you need and download and print the form. Sign and date the application then mail it back to us. We will contact you. Please include a copy of your DD214. For couples, at least 1 person must be a vet. If female, then your partner, friend or spouse must accompany you. All accommodations are double occupancy. Al non-Veterans must self-fund their own trip. We only fund Veterans.

We are only accepting reservations for 2025.

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